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Budget Ways To Create Private Tropical Garden

If you’re the kind of person who likes to go out in their garden for some downtime, appreciate connecting with nature, or have just discovered your green thumb, then you’ll definitely know the struggle of making it feel gorgeous without spending big bucks on professional landscaping or high end rattan garden furniture.

Many people like to be causally low-brow about their gardens, but it can be a total challenge to keep it looking fresh and properly maintained if you do not know the right tricks. So, here’s a list of some budget-friendly ways to create a private tropical oasis in your small garden:

1. Recycled furniture


Recycled and upscaled outdoor furniture is one of the best ways you can turn your garden aesthetic around. The understated, distressed, and shabby-chic appeal of these pieces is perfectly age-worn and fits the natural landscape of a garden gorgeously. You can find vintage pieces at garage sales or even delve into some DIY by breaking out those wooden pallets and converting them into benches, chairs, and picnic tables. You can even emulate a boho-chic vibe by placing recycled wooden crates as they are around a log stump. You can even paint old furniture for a fresher look.

2. Setting up or refurbishing a new fence

refurbishing fence

Nothing can make your garden look fresher and more inspiring than touching up your fence. You’ll automatically feet cranky and depressed if the paint is peeling or if the planks are splashed with mud-slush. So, once you find some free time, you can simply break out a fresh can of paint and do your garden fence over. Just a few coats can totally change the whole ambience of your garden.

3. Use inexpensive planters

inexpensive planters

Inexpensive perennials – plants that have a long life and do not need to be replanted over and over again – are an excellent way to make your garden feel like a lush tropical oasis. This tip is especially great for those who like to get their hands dirty. Some examples of such perennials are catmint, day lilies, butterfly bush, and Jupiter’s beard. If you want to shop some seeds and gardening tools to get started, then you can start by picking up the coupon on this page.

4. Create a trellis

create trellis

If you like styling your garden with the help of gorgeous analog interventions, then setting up a trellis is a great way to spice things up. Vertical landscaping always has an inherent charm that can make even the drabbest garden feel alive. You can even customize the lattice of your trellis according to whatever suits your tastes. But if that’s not your cup of tea, then here are more garden screening ideas for you.

5. Hang DIY bulb planters

hang diy bulb planters

Eclectic garden accessories are a great way to spruce up your landscape, but if you’re tired of those typical statues and want to try something different, then you can try out some DIY hanging bulb planters. Hanging some of these on the feature wall of your garden is an excellent way to make a statement while delving in some customization at the same time. It’s also really easy – all you need is a retired Edison bulb, some sturdy thread, and a few pieces of leafy greens and you’ll have a great accessory to install in your gardens.

6. Recycle tin cans as planters

Recycle tin cans as planters

Spending money on expensive planters is totally overkill when you can go green by recycling some tin cans. This is a fun way to make your typical gardens more eye-catching and attractive. Plus, it can be a great family bonding activity. You can inscribe the help of your partner and kids to paint all those cans every shade of the rainbow, then install them on the fence or place them strategically on the ground. They’ll add an eclectic touch to your landscape.

7. Ivy planters

Ivy planters

Lastly, you can plant some Ivy creepers along your garden fence or statement wall to make an instant impact on anyone who enters. The leafy greens of such creepers intrinsically merge with the lushness of the grass and other plants to deliver a truly enchanting effect. However make sure the Ivy does not get out of control or you will need to look into removing it. Another great addition to any garden is a garden water feature which adds a sense of being closer to nature. 

So, these great ideas are the perfect way to transform your unruly garden into a tropical oasis. You’ll definitely feel the change once you start acting on them.

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