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Nothing quite spoils the appearance of a lawn or flower bed than unkept edges.

You can maintain your lawn to the highest possible quality and still notice untidy edges, mainly because a lawn mower often struggles to reach the stray grass growing around the edges. The same can be said if flower beds, which can look rather unsightly without properly defined and maintained edges around the borders.

Taking the time to meticulously maintain edges throughout your garden is quite the hassle, especially in larger areas, so it’s often a good idea to install garden edging in these spots. This removes the need to constantly monitor your edges to ensure they look good, letting you focus elsewhere in the garden.

Adding fixed edging onto lawns and borders is a simple yet effective way to keep your garden looking great with minimal effort. Once driven into the soil, you don’t need to do much else to maintain edges and borders, making them a great investment for most gardens!

There is also a wide selection of great lawn and border edging available. Countless designs are available from various materials, allowing virtually any edging effect to be created in your garden space. Bricks, metals, woods, and plastics - there is no shortage of options when it comes to garden edging!

Let’s take a look at some great garden edging ideas:

Garden Border Pebble Strips

Pebble borders offer a wonderful aesthetic along your borders, especially when closely packed together, but this does require a fair amount of work and isn’t the easiest to maintain. This is why investing in these handy garden border pebble strips is a great alternative!

Rather than wasting time placing countless stones into your lawn edge or borders, you simply install this mesh sheet covered with pebbles, producing the exact same effect but with half the effort. In fact, it arguably looks better than loose pebbles as the strips offer a very straight border that is hard to achieve with loose materials.

Best of all, you don’t have to waste any time sweeping up loose pebbles and fixing things any time the stones fall out of space. They work on most edges, be it the lawn, pathways, flower beds, or borders between each of these.

Timber blocks

If you are looking to create a wonderful edging across a raised bed, then nothing beats these heavy-duty timber blocks. Creating a charming rustic style on your edges, this is a great choice for raised flower beds or vegetable gardens.

Similar in style to railroad ties, these timber blocks are idea for larger edges too, as they can be easily installed along the edges of lawns and borders too. They do look fantastic as edging for raised beds, so be sure to stack them higher if you want a deeper bed.

Given their shape, these aren’t suitable for wavy lawns or circular borders, so they are best kept for edging across straight borders and for any kind of raised section. Sturdy and stylish, these are fine choice of edging to produce a charming aesthetic throughout the garden.

Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging

If you want a stylish lawn edging that makes maintaining your lawn that bit easier, consider rolls of metal materials like this galvanised steel lawn edging. It’s one of the easiest ways to create an effective physical lawn edge for keeping your lawn neat and tidy - you won’t have to do much trimming around the edges with this installed.

This is a great choice for anyone with lawn edges that are wavy. The steel is very flexible (it comes in a roll) so can be easily installed in areas with curves; simply roll it out to size and sink it into the soil for a quick and easy edging.  

It can even be easily cut, making it a very versatile edging that can be used throughout the garden. As it is on the thinner side, it may be a better idea to use it for lawn edging - it’s even resistant to damage from strimmers!

Lawn Edgers Wood Effect

Wooden edges are always very popular. They offer plenty of versatility, being suitable for most garden borders and lawn edges, whether straight or curved. The great thing about this particular wooden edger is the fact that the wood is only an effect - it’s actually made from plastic!

This quite useful as you can install it on any border or edge without worrying about it rotting away or being damaged by the weather over time. The spikes also make it easy to install; simply stick into the ground of your desired area and enjoy!

It offers a nice blend between decorative fencing and a more natural edging, with the green colour matching well with foliage and lawns. The edging is also quite flexible, allowing it to be used on circular borders and edges, producing a very soft, relaxing edging effect.

You can create many stylish borders and edges using these products!

Ornate Fence Border for Lawn / Flowerbed

This Victorian style edging resembles ornate wrought iron to great effect, offering a classic edging style that looks especially attractive surrounding flower beds.

Despite the resemblance to iron, this fence border is made from durable plastic, meaning you don’t need to worry about maintaining it! Easily installed, the spikes at the base sink into the ground with ease, and they even interlock to ensure a sturdy border.

It’s not flexible however, so should only be used for straight edges, while only the front of the edging comes with the ornate design. So, it’s best to leave them front facing whenever possible, making it more suited for flower beds and pathways in most instances.

Adding it to your lawn is a fine idea too, just make sure they are facing the correct direction and that the edges are straight, as you cannot bend it without snapping. A very elegant edging idea, your garden will resemble a classic stately manor or a timeless public park

Cobbled Stone Grey Lawn Edging

Cobbled stones make for a gorgeous edging, but installing them properly is rarely easy. Plus, investing in cobble stains can get quite price, which why this plastic edging with a cobbled stone effect is a brilliant alternative to the real thing!

The cobbled effect works great on both lawn edges and garden borders, and this product makes it easy to apply in any area. Each section can be interlocked and is quite flexible, so you can add it to curved or straight edges as needed.

It’s nice addition to most edges and borders, whether it’s a lawn, flower bed, patios or around trees and shrubs. They just need hammered into the ground, but be sure not to use too much force as the material is on the thinner side - it might be good to loosen the soil first or dig up a trench before installing.

Metal Lawn Edge

Metal edging offers a distinct look while also be very durable and sturdy. This makes it great for almost any type of edging or borders including straight and curved areas, and it can even be used to create a raised bed if desired. So, with plenty of versatility these are a fine choice of garden edging for many.

Made from sheet metal, the style offered is somewhat simple, but it more than makes up for this in its effectiveness. When installed around lawn edges and borders, you can be certain that the borders are well maintained, with literally no weeds encroaching into other areas. The interlock at each end, remaining very sturdy and are resistant to rusting.

Highly flexible, they can also be installed in a variety of settings, whether it’s a circular flower bed, raised bed, or along a straight edged lawn. If you want a no-nonsense garden edging installed that will last for years to come, look no further than these great metal lawn edges. You may need a metal cutter to get it to fit certain sizes and shapes of lawn.

Ornamental Bamboo Border

While the wooden border effect is nothing new, you can put a modern twist on the classic design by going for a more unique wood effect - such as this ornamental bamboo border. 100 percent natural, it features real bamboo held together by nylon, producing a very effective and attractive border.

The bamboo remains quite long, so it probably isn’t the best idea to use it along lawn edges, but when it comes to flower beds and other borders it is a fantastic option. It produces a very natural effect, making it especially attractive when used on borders where shrubs are heavily featured.

Flower beds are another great option, especially those that are more rounded, while it looks fantastic on curved borders next to weaving pathways. An attractive edging with a bit of a difference!

Wooden Border Fencing

This wooden border fencing uses a combination of willow and hazelnut stakes to produce a natural border effect that amazing in any garden space. Willow is a fine choice of material for garden edging because it’s not only attractive, but flexible and durable.

It is also very versatile, working well along lawns, beds, and paths, with its flexibility allowing it to be installed in virtually any border you want. Willow also looks wonderful, helping to achieve a very rustic and natural look in the garden.

Enclosing this border around vegetable patches or flower beds looks very charming, offering a natural style that really enhances the aesthetic of any area. Plus, as a completely natural product it is very eco-friendly!

Brick Effect Garden Border

Brick is one of the most popular materials for garden edging, which is no surprise given its strength, durability, and versatility. However, installing a brick border is quite difficult unless you are experienced with landscaping or brickwork, making this brick effect garden border a great alternative.

Made from a strong and flexible plastic, this border allows you to get that much-desired stacked brick effect on your edges without the hassle of laying them yourself. Simply dig it into the ground around your lawn, flower beds or shrubs and enjoy!

Due to its height, it works very effectively at dividing borders and keeping weeds and grass from encroaching on other areas. Each section interlocks so you can create nice angles and corners, although it’s not the best choice for rounded borders.

Flexible Garden Lawn Edging

This garden lawn edging is all about functionality, so if you want clear edges around your lawn or borders that keep things neat and tidy, then this a great option to go for. The tough rubber material easily slots along edges and borders, creating a firm divider that will prevent any weeds or overgrowth.

It’s especially good for creating flexible borders, as the rubber material folds up to 70-degree angles. This means you can apply to the edges of your lawn, borders along driveways, or even in flower beds.

Again, function is the focus here. It’s a durable material that won’t be easily damaged by a lawn mower or severe weather, and provides a very professional looking finish. It resembles a stone material so doesn’t look out of pace, yet the softness of the rubber makes it much safer and less painful to collide with.

Fleur De Lys Garden Edging

This is a fine choice of garden edges for anyone seeking a nice decorative border. Sporting a fleur de lys design, this border exudes elegance wherever it’s installed, although it makes an especially attractive fixture around flower beds and shrubs.

The rigid design also provides clear, precise edging that looks very professional and works great on any straight borders.  Neat and tidy, these are the perfect borders for your favourite spots in the garden, drawing attention to any area while enhancing it at the same time.

With a linked design they unfortunately don’t work around wavy borders, but if you have any straight borders and want an attractive and functional edging, these Fleur De Lys Garden Edging are a fantastic choice.

Recycled Lawn Edging

If neat and tidy edging is your biggest goal for your garden, then this could be the perfect type of edging for the job. A versatile piece of edging, it can be used to create effective edges that will prevent weeds from growing or to hold other materials such as stones or mulch.

Not only that, but the edging can be used in both straight and wavy borders, making it suitable for almost any type of garden landscape. Anchored firmly into the ground, this edging will prevent unwanted overflow and grass from entering unwanted sections of the garden.

It works especially well at defining areas of the lawn, particularly with newer turf, although it can be applied around the edges pathways, trees, patios, driveways - anywhere you want to create a separate area!

We have reviewed some of the best lawn edgers to help you choose a product that is right for your garden.

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