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Lawn Weed Killer Guide & Suggestions

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When trying to create a beautiful garden for your guests to enjoy on their visits just as much as yourself, weeds can cause a huge problem. Not only do they ruin the look of your garden, they can affect the other plants which is why we tend to use herbicides and weed killers. As a type of pesticide, these products are known for killing plants and can be safe as long as you read the instructions carefully.

When used correctly, weed killers for lawns are ‘selective’ and this means they’ll kill the majority of broadleaved plants while protecting the grass. Unfortunately, many people over- and under-dilute and this can limit the impact it has on weeds and start to harm the grass respectively.

At all times, we believe the best solution you have is to read the instructions because many products will tell you how many applications are suggested each year. If the bottle recommends one per year, this is normally to protect your grass and ensure the weeds stay under control. If you apply weed killer too frequently on your lawn, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to impact the grass and this is the last thing you need.

If we look at Resolva and Weedol as prime examples, these are seen as high-quality solutions and they both recommend just one application each year. This being said, the two products in question actually have very different ingredients which means you can treat your lawn twice in a period of twelve months as long as you only use each one once.

Note – When we talk about ‘one use per year’ weed killers, this applies to all diluted weed killers than can be used across the whole lawn. With the ready-to-use solutions we see nowadays for spot treating weeds, these can be used more often.

Benefits of Selective Lawn Weed Killers

Generally easy to apply across the whole lawn

Will always protect the grass while killing weeds when applied as per the instructions

  1. Can target all weed across any given space
  2. Better for the environment because they’re only applied when the weeds arise rather than every time the grass is fed
  3. Products are safe for children and pets (once the lawn is dry)
  4. Can choose between the different weed-killing chemicals since not all weeds are killed by the same chemical
  5. Still allow for spot treatments wherever necessary
  6. Can be used safely as long as all the safety precautions are followed by the manufacturer
  7. Can be applied with a watering can with ease and no hassle

Application Tips – To finish, we have a couple of simple tips that’ll help when applying the weed killer to your own lawn and it starts with the instructions. Although we’ve said it a couple of times already, always read the instructions on the label before applying. Then, be aware of the total area that needs treatment; this allows you to buy the right amount and apply the right amount rather than skimping in certain areas while running low.

Finally, it you’re spot treating individual weed plants, don’t give it an extra squirt ‘for luck’ because these products have been made with all sorts of mathematical formulas. If you give it an extra spray ‘just because’, you’re applying too much and the excess will start to overpower the grass.

Summary – There’s your guide to lawn weed killers! Although they can be frustrating to see, weeds are also easy to deal with if you buy the right products so don’t let them ruin your garden any longer! Check out our reviews of the best strong weed killers for sale.

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