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Cats are certainly loveable pets and great companions, but there are plenty of occasions where they can be quite a nuisance. This is never truer than having a neighbour’s cat (or a stray for that matter) regularly relieve themselves in your garden, leaving you with some unpleasant mess to clean up.

While it would be great if there was a universal solution to this problem, the simple fact is some cat repellent products will work for you while others will be ineffective. This is because there are various breeds of cats with varying levels of intelligence, and some will not be put off by your attempted cat repelling solution.

There are other factors that can influence a cat’s reaction to cat repellent, such as their age and health, while other times it is just hard to find an explanation as to why your cat repellent isnt’ working!

Below are some of the best cat repellent products available today.

They vary in design and function, so some will be more effective than others, although this will all depend on your personal situation. But above all else, these are humane cat repellents that will never cause any harm to the cat -they simply act as cat scarers to ensure your garden remains undisturbed!

Arguably one of the best cat repellent products available today, this effective cat repellent from PetsBye utilises innovative technology to help prevent unwanted visits from felines.

The device features a range of 23ft in an 80-degree arc, allowing it to cover even the more spacious gardens. It detects both the movement and body temperature of cats through an infra-red PIR sensor, and when this is triggered the device creates high frequency sound that will scare off any cats within a 7m range.

This detection system is very effective, especially as it prevents accidental triggering, and you won’t be able to hear a sound due to the frequency, which can also be adjusted. It couldn’t be easier to set up either; you just need to place into the ground or attach it to a wall, after which you simply leave it to do its thing.

Better still, if you feel this cat repellent isn’t working, it can be sent back within 45 days for a full refund! So, should the cat you are trying to get rid of not be scared off by this repellent, simply send it back and try something different!

1. PestBye Ultrasonic Battery-Operated Motion Activated Cat Repellent

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This cat repellent not only deters cats and other animals through high frequency ultrasonic sound waves, but also through flashing LED strobe lights that combine to scare off any unwanted visitors in your garden.

So, if you have used a cat repellent that relied solely on high frequency sounds to deter cats, then the combination of LED lights with ultrasonic sound waves could be a great alternative.

The AngLink repellent covers an area of 85 square meters with a straight-line distance of 9 metres, while also boasting a right/left angle of around 110 degrees for the infrared sensor. This provides the sensor with an impressive coverage area, which can be adjusted by changing the frequency to target specific animals such as cats.

This makes it a very versatile repellent that is a great choice if you have more than just unwanted cats invading your garden, offering a safe and harm-free way to deter the animal.

Another great feature for this repellent is the fact it is solar powered.

The batteries are included and will be recharged during the day, making for a convenient and eco-friendly cat scarer. For those cloudier days where there is little charge provided, you can easily take the sensor inside and charge it manually using the micro USB charger included with the product.

As you would hope, it is completely waterproof so can remain outdoors for as long as needed and as it is very compact in design, you can place in almost any area of your garden without standing out.

2. AngLink Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

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Are light and/or sound repellents not doing the trick? Then this jet spray cat scarer from PetsBye may do the trick. Let’s face it, most cats detest being sprayed with water, making the concept behind this repellent very noteworthy.

Whenever a cat or other small animal such as squirrel pass in front of the motion sensor of the repellent, a spray of water is automatically fired towards their direction for five seconds to scare them away.

This does mean you will need to connect it to a garden hose to provide a water supply, but it’s safe to leave the hose on as the repellent only fires water when the motion sensor is triggered.

You may want to invest in a repellent such as this because products that rely on ultrasonic soundwaves to deter cats can inadvertently effect smaller pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs. The sprayer device ensures no animal is distressed from the repellent, so it’s worth considering this should you own small pets.

With a range of 10m in a 120-degree arc, the repellent can be placed throughout the garden, with a total coverage area of around 100 square metres, allowing you to set it towards any problematic spots where the cats enter. The spray works automatically as soon as the motion sensor is set off, and it will simply rest itself after each activation.

It is battery operated however, so will need four AA batteries to work. Battery life depends on how often the repellent is activated, with an expectancy of around 3-4 months based on 10 daily activations.

3. PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer & Repellent

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Another fantastic water-based repellent, this device from Contech offers a humane way to scare any cats invading your garden. Using state of the art motion sensor technology, the device can accurately detect cats within its radius, spraying them will a short burst of water.

Not only that, but the Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent also produces a noise along with the spray of water, combining two of the most effective animal deterrents in one high-quality device.

As previously mentioned, this device uses some of the best motion sensor technology on the market, providing it with an incredible coverage of up to 1000 square feet, which is more than enough for even the largest gardens, and you can easily adjust the sprinkler arc to cover a desired area

Despite its innovative technology, the Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent is simple to install, as all you need to do is attach a 9-volt battery (one is included with the product), place the stake into the ground and then attach the device to the top.

Attach to a hose, set the sprinkler arc range and then the repellent is good to go!

4. Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Deterrent

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Sometimes you cannot go wrong with a simple cat repellent, and there are fewer products that are simpler and more affordable than fence wall spikes. These are not just an effective repellent for any cats that enter your garden from atop fences or walls, but also any would-be human intruders.

While their design may make them appear to be harmful, cats are not harmed in any way when they come into contact with fence wall spikes such as these; they merely cause discomfort that deters them from using a wall or fence.

In fact, cats of a certain breed or age will have a high tolerance to spikes such as these so are able to walk across them without much fuss. The issue is when they have to jump onto spikes, as cats hate to jump onto uncomfortable surfaces such as these.

Therefore, the spikes should always be installed on fences that are at least 6ft, otherwise they could end up ineffective. As a result, you will want to move any objects near a fence or wall that a cat can use to climb for the spikes to be their most effective.

This ten pack of spikes offers enough product to cover large fence areas, which is vital as this type of repellent works best when there are no gaps or spots on the fence that the cat may be able to navigate through.

They also come with warning signs so that it is clear to anyone that there are spikes on your fence or wall. This is necessary to meet current laws regarding fence spikes, so everything you need to ensure your setup is safe and legal is included with the purchase.

Now, there is a chance you may see a cat walking over them or at least attempting to do so. This is fine as many cats will initially test the repellent before leaving it alone permanently.

A great product and certainly a worthwhile cat repellent for anyone on a tight budget!

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Above are what we believe to be some of the best cat scarers and repellents currently for sale on the market.

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