How to keep foxes out of the garden

How to Keep Foxes out of the Garden

When you peer out into the back garden only to spot a golden-fleeced fox, it can be a beautiful sight. In fact, the idea of allowing them into our world and living alongside one another can be quite rewarding. However, problems can soon occur when they start digging up the lawn or causing havoc under the decking. While some foxes will just pass through from time to time, others will have a different motive.

Whether you’re reading this because you’re experiencing issues right now or because you want to take preventative measures, we have answers for you today!


Pest Control – If you’ve already got foxes in your garden, you must know that killing them or even trapping them is illegal. In addition to being illegal, it wouldn’t even work because another fox would simply take its place in quick time. Therefore, we recommend contacting a professional pest control company. With professional advice and experience, you’ll soon learn the right steps to take.


Clear All Rubbish – Naturally, foxes are scavengers which means they look for food and liquids wherever they go. If you leave rubbish outside the back door, they’ll find a way inside and empty it everywhere. Therefore, we advise placing all bags into dustbins and keeping the latter out of reach. Furthermore, leaving pet food and water will only encourage more foxes so be wary of this.

Deterrents and Repellents – Nowadays, there are several products on the market you can try and it starts with repellent sprays. With foxes being territorial animals, they mark their territory with scent while respecting the territories of others. If you can use a non-toxic repellent spray, they’ll pick up on this as soon as they enter the garden.

After this, the market also offers ‘scarecrow’ products that work using motion sensors. Whenever the device picks up any motion, it sprays a little water to send the fox away again. Since it’s just a little water, this won’t harm the fox but it’ll keep them from returning so long as the device is placed in a sensible location (i.e. by fox holes and entry points).

Finally, we have a somewhat controversial solution which we only suggest if you’ve tried everything else and had no luck. As an electronic device, it emits a high-pitched sound after sensing motion which deters animals. With most products, the sound is so high-pitched it isn’t audible for ourselves but animals, with their heightened senses, will be irritated by the sound. Despite the theory behind this solution, there’s no scientific evidence to say it works so speak with a professional and gauge their opinions before investing.

Fox-Proof the Garden – In truth, there are several steps you can take to fox-proof the garden including fencing, ‘prickle strips’, and blocking gaps and spaces under sheds, decking, and even your home. If you’re looking for natural solutions rather than a scarecrow or electronic device, there are many ingredients foxes dislike including garlic, capsaicin, and hot chilli peppers so these can provide a useful tool. After blending peppers and chillies with some water, you have yourself a natural fox-repellent spray.

Take Care – Whenever you deal with these beautiful animals, you need to take care. Especially when blocking off dens and holes. If you block a hole with cubs inside, the mother won’t be able to return with food and they’ll either starve or suffocate. Earlier, we suggested professional help and this is generally the best place to start because they’ll have seen a case like yours thousands of times over. With the right advice, you can remove the issue while also feeling confident they won’t return in the near future!

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