Best Microchip Cat Flap Reviews UK

Best Microchip Cat Flap Reviews UK

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

  • Compatible with all international microchips including 9,10, 15 digits and RFID tags
  • 4-way manual lock
  • Program up to 32 cats
  • The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable microchip cat flap. With a sleek design, handy features, and easy to install, this a brilliant choice for many pet owners.

Setting up the cat flap couldn’t be easier, with a quick push a button all that is needed. The cat flap will pick up your cat’s microchip, saving it permanently to the memory. If you want to add another chip, simply hit the button again with – it can store up to 32 different microchips!

You can also install the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap at a variety of locations, including doors, walls, and even glass. The design is nice too, with a crisp and clean white colour blending nicely with most doors and walls, and there is even a black coloured model should you prefer it.

While there is no selective exit feature, you can choose from four different manual locking options. These include locking in or out only, as well as being fully locked or fully unlocked. A quick flick of the small switch will allow you to go between each locking mode as they are needed.

Another nice touch is the fact that the cat flap comes with 3-years warranty, so you can expect some longevity from the product and a sound peace of mind should it stop working. In fact, any problems you might have with this cat flap are made even easier thanks to the incredible customer support provided.

Support staff are friendly and very responsive, dealing with most issues as soon as they arise. It’s a small touch but something that really helps to product to stand out from many other microchip cat flaps.

SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap

  • Selective exit
  • 4-way manual lock
  • Program up to 32 cats
  • Compatible with all international microchips including 9,10, 15 digits and RFID tags
  • Another fine product from SureFlap, the Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap is a slightly more advanced option that comes with the inclusion of selective exit. It’s a little costlier but not by much, so if this a feature you require then this is probably the best microchip cat flap to go for.

The selective exit feature is great for owners of more than one cat, as it allows you to select which cats are allowed to exit. Should some of your cats not be allowed outside while others are then this is a very important feature, while it can also be useful for restricting access to outdoor cats should they have a vet appointment soon.

In fact, this is an especially useful model for anyone with several cats, as it can also be programmed with up to 32 microchips! This includes most worldwide chips, such as 9,10, and 15 digits, along with any RFID tags.

Similar to other SureFlap models, this cat flap has a four-way manual lock. This means you can quickly change the lock from out only, in only, locked both ways or unlocked both ways as and when you need to.

Again, installing this will be very easy. It can be seamlessly fitted into the spot of your last cat flap, while new installations shouldn’t take that long unless there is glass. Once up and running, simply hit the button to register your cat’s microchip and it is good to go!

The SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap is a fine choice for owners of more than one cat, as it allows for restrictive access without costing too much, while being simple to install and even easier to use!

Pet Mate Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15-digit microchips
  • 4-way manual locking system
  • Brush sealed flat with magnetic closure to prevent drafts
  • Program up to 30 cats
  • The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap from Pet Mate is another affordable option well worth checking out. It’s got a nice streamlined design that includes a robust polymer flap that is also transparent – which is preferable for most cats

Better still, the flap comes with a weather-proof brush that seals shut with a magnetic closure. It’s not too strong for the cats to use, but perfect for preventing drafts and other bad weather making it through the cat flap.

Installation is simple as you just need to replace your current flap or install from scratch. This is possible to do yourself with basic tools (drill and saw) although if you plan on installing on a glass door you may want to hire someone trained for such tasks.

Programming your cat’s microchip couldn’t be easier either. Just push the button on the flap to register your cat, after which the LED light will flash red to indicate that your cat is now added to the flap’s memory.

The locking system is a rotary four-way manual design, so you can easily flick between in only, out only, fully unlocked and fully locked as needed. Again, the materials and design is robust, so you won’t have to worry about strays or unwanted pests attempted to make it through the flap.

All in all, Pet Mate Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is a fine choice for anyone seeking a reasonably priced microchip cat flap that’s tough enough to handle adverse weather.

PetSafe Petporte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door

  • Compatible with EU/UK 15-Digit microchips
  • Program up to 25 cats
  • Optional night mode
  • Timer
  • The Petportre smart flap is a fine choice for anyone looking for an affordable microchip cat flat that can restrict their cats access for certain periods of the day. This is because the main features of this product are an optional night mode, vet mode, and a timer, allowing you to restrict your cats access outside when you need to.

For instance, the night mode allows owners to prevent any cat from going exiting through the cat flap at night by using a built-in light sensor. Simply select the microchip you want to restrict night time access to, and the cat flap will remember the setting and automatically activate in-only access each night.

Not only is this useful for anyone that restricts their cats outdoor access at night, but also cat owners with more than one pet who want to restrict access for certain cats, as this mode is entirely optional and can be customised for specific codes.

Also, it can double as a ‘vet mode’, which is essentially the same function but with a specific time set for any time of the day prior to a trip to the vet. There is a four-way manual lock which features the standard in only, out only, and fully unlocked, and fully locked modes, so you have the choice of doing it manually or automatically.

There is even a timer feature should you want to program the cat flap to unlock or lock at certain points of the day, as well as customising the in only and out only access.

You can program up to 25 microchip codes. However, these are only for the most standard microchip in Europe, which is the 15-digit variety, so your cat’s microchip may not be compatible if it is the 10 or 9-digit type.

One thing worth noting is that this cat flap requires a mains power supply rather than batteries, although there is a backup battery slot for a 9-volt should there be power-outs.

The Petportre smart flap has some very useful features that a lot of cat owners will appreciate, especially those that don’t want their cat head outside during the riskier time periods like at night.

Microchip Cat Flap Buying Guide

A cat flap is a great way to provide your pet with easy access to the outside world. However, there is one drawback that can be an issue for many cat owners that have invested in a cat flap – other cats and small animals might feel like using it!

The last thing anyone wants is unwanted animals in their home, and for anyone that is dealing with such an issue have a fantastic option available – the microchip cat flap. Whether you are looking to replace an old cat flap or are installing one for the first time, there are plenty of reasons to choose a microchip cat flat!

What is a Microchip Cat Flap?

A microchip cat flap is a type of cat flap that controls access to your home by only opening for your cat. It does so by reading their microchip, using this as the signal to unlock the cat flap and allow the pet inside.

Like any cat flap, they can be installed at various locations in your home, including a door, wall, or even glass.

Reasons to Buy
Prevents Strays and Wild Animals Entering Your Home
  • One of the biggest reasons for buying a microchip cat flap is to prevent any unwanted strays from getting into your home. This is a common issue with standard cat flaps, and many homeowners aren’t aware of the issue as many strays will enter at night.
  • Strays might be harmless, but they may also eat your cat’s food and possibly even attack them, which is why microchip cat flaps are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Similarly, small wild animals are often brave enough to use a cat flap to get inside of a house. This is typically done for food, so you never know what type of pest may end up invading your home. As they only let cats with a specified microchip to enter, you won’t need to worry about unwanted guests!
Easy Access for Your Cat
  • As they restrict access to just your cat, a microchip cat flap is a great way to allow your cat to enter and leave the home as they feel. Many people choose to close their windows or lock their cat flap after certain times, but with this option your cat has round the clock access to your home.
  • Better still, anyone that doesn’t have a cat flap will no longer have to constantly let their cat in our anymore, as there will be a constant point of entry for them!
Simple installation
  • All the talk of microchips makes the cat flap sound a lot more complex than it actually is. For the most part, they are the exact same as a normal cat flap in terms of size and design, making them as easy to install.
  • In fact, if you’re replacing an old cat flap, many microchip models are designed to seamlessly slot into the same space. Installing them will be simple enough for most people, although if you are planning on having it located on a glass door you may need to hire a professional to install it.
Things to Look for in a Microchip Cat Flap


  • All the best microchip cat flaps will be compatible with every type of microchip, including RFID tags for those that don’t have their cats microchipped. Still, be sure to confirm that they are compatible when looking, as they last thing you need is a cat flap that doesn’t work with your cat’s microchip!
  • Should you not have your cat microchipped, it may be worth grabbing and RFID tag if you still want to use a microchip cat flap. These are just collars with a microchip attached, making them a great alternative for anyone whose cat doesn’t have a microchip.

Locking Systems

  • Most of the best microchip cat flaps will have several locking options. For instance, a four-way locking system allows you to set the cat flap to locked, open both ways, in only, and out only.
  • These are great for customising your cat flaps settings should you need to change them on occasion, although some won’t need them should they plan on leaving it open all the time.

Selective Modes

  • Another worthwhile feature for a microchip cat flap is the ability to register many different microchips. This is great for people that have many pets, but also for selecting what microchips are permitted to enter using the cat flap.
  • For instance, if you have several cats but don’t want one to be allowed outside, you can select which microchips are allowed to use the cat flap. This is great for occasions where you can’t let your cat outside.
  • Timer
  • A timer on a microchipped cat flap is another great feature to consider, especially for those that restrict their cat’s outside time to certain periods of the day. Simply set a timer for the flap not be used, and it will be autmacitally locked to prevent your cat from leaving.

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