Best Mole Traps Reviews UK

Best Mole Traps Reviews UK

Moles can be a dreadful pest in any outdoor space, be it an average size garden or a few acres of land. Able to burrow through dozens of feet in a single day, moles can easily destroy even the most pristine lawns with little effort.

They tend to use the same network of tunnels for some time, meaning your mole problem won’t be going away unless the mole itself is trapped. Given the fact they move underground, trapping a mole is near impossible unless you have the necessary equipment.

While this means most people with mole infestations call a professional mole catcher, you can certainly catch the pests yourself by buying a mole trap. Readily available online, there are various types of mole traps that can be used to catch and remove the moles from your land.

The most common mole traps available include:

Scissor Traps 

The oldest type of mole trap that is a firm favourite for professional mole catchers, scissor traps are half buried in the ground, with the handles protruding from the ground. This makes them one of the easiest to monitor.

Tunnel Traps 

Also known as a ‘duffus’, tunnel traps can be placed almost entirely beneath the ground when necessary, making them great for anyone seeking a discreet trap (such as on public land).

Claw Traps 

Although designs can vary, most claw traps feature two distinct claw sections that are used to trap the mole. Works by being placed into the mole cavity which is then refilled with lose soil, which triggers the trap when disturbed by the mole.

Now, let’s check out some of the best mole traps currently available!

Mole Trap Tunnel

  • Tunnel trap
  • Suitable for shallow and deep runs
  • Powerful springs instantly kill the mole

Tunnel traps such as this product are fantastic for first-time users, being easy to setup and highly effective at catching moles. As half of the trap features a metal tunnel shape, it can be placed into the ground and covered with soil, removing any unsightly traps appearing on your lawn.

With a robust design, the trap isn’t easily disturbed and stones don’t cause any type of jamming, which can often be the case with other types of mole traps. It’s also suitable for various types of mole runs, as you can set it up in both shallow and deep areas.

Mole Trap Tunnel type review

This product also includes free tutorial videos on YouTube. These videos can only be viewed after purchasing the tunnel trap, and they are of great use for anyone unsure of how to use this trap to catch moles.

The overall quality of this trap is second to none. Unfortunately, many tunnel traps are merely cheap replicas of models such as this, so while they look the same they are nowhere near as effective at catching moles - they can often evade these traps with ease.

Thankfully, this is the real deal. The springs are powerful enough to quickly kill the mole in an instant, reducing the need for unnecessary suffering, and there’s no chance of the mole escaping once it activates the trap.

Beagle EasySet Mole Trap

  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Box design allows for safe operation from user
  • Red plunger indicates when trap is trigged

Offering a more modern take on the tunnel trap, the Beagle EasySet Mole Trap is a fine choice for lawns big and small, being very easy to setup and even easier to monitor. The box design allows the trap to safely handled, with the trap mechanism residing within the box itself.

To use it, simply find the mole run, dig up the area, place the box in and then push down the red trigger. The rest is simply a waiting game, and you don’t even need to check the trap to see if it’s worked as the red plunger sticks back up whenever the trap is activated.

Beagle Garden Products EasySet Mole Trap

This makes the Beagle EasySet Mole Trap a fine option for homes, as most users shouldn’t have any problems operating the trap. As a tunnel trap, the spring mechanism is triggered when contact is made by the mole, after which the mole is instantly killed.

Single moles should be easily dealt with using this trap, although it may not be the most efficient trap for larger areas inhabited by several moles. Still, any mole passing through this trap will certainly be trapped and killed, while the box design makes it very safe to handle.

All in all, a great mole trap for first-timers, being one of the safest products on the market.

Talpex Trap

  • Highly effective on stone free soil
  • Great for catching elusive moles
  • Incredibly powerful spring instantly kills moles

The Talpex Trap is a renowned mole trap that is a favourite for mole catching professionals. Working similarly to a scissors trap, this highly efficient mole trap is often cited as the best choice for catching those especially elusive moles.

In fact, it’s usually recommended by professionals that you combine this type of trap with a tunnel trap should your other traps not be effective. Still, the Talpex Trap is very effective on its own, although be mindful that stones may causing the trap to jam.

Rather than being trigged by touching the mechanism itself, the Talpex Trap is active by soil that disturbed by the mole. Because the mole is completely unware of the traps placement, it instantly snaps down onto them, killing them immediately.

Talpex Genuine Mole Trap

Simply dig a small hole to expose an area of the tunnel slightly, providing just enough room to place the trap. Once the trap is placed in thee run, fill around it with some soil, making sure to avoid any stones. Then, just wait until the soil around the trap is disturbed by a mole!

Setting the trap may be a little difficult at first, which is why the purchase includes access to online instruction videos, which is certainly helpful. This is one of the most renowned mole traps sold today, so be mindful that most other traps claiming to be Talpex Traps are poor imitations that probably won’t work.

Galvanised Steel Mole Claw Catch

  • 5 x Scissor Mole Traps
  • Made from galvanised steel
  • 12-month guarantee

If you have a serious problem with moles, then one trap might not be enough. In these cases, products like this five pack of steel mole traps is the perfect solution! Not only are there five traps that can be used at any given time, they are completely reusable, making them a fine choice for professional gardeners dealing with large-scale mole problems.

The trap is not too difficult to operate, although take the time to handle with care to avoid accidently hurting your hands!

To set the trap, simply find the tunnel, dig a small section for the trap to fit into, pull back the handles to arm and then fill the cavity back up with soil. Any time the soil is disturbed by a passing mole, the trap immediately actives to instantly kill the animal.

Galvanised Steel Mole Claw Catch trap

Being made from galvanised steel makes the traps highly durable even in wet conditions, which is certainly plus for the rainy British climate! The steel is also chemical and poison free, making it safe to use in the ground without fear of contamination.

While great for professionals, some people may find setting the trap in the ground quite difficult. It’s easy after a few attempts mind you, but some may find other types of traps a better option to try first.

Those with experience dealing with moles will certainly love this trap though, especially if there is a large infestation of moles on the land!

Mole Repellent

  • Ultrasonic mole repellent
  • Solar powered
  • Simple to use

While not technically a mole trap, this solar-powered mole repellent is a fantastic option for dealing with mole infestations in your garden. Better still, it can be used to deter other types of pests, such as rodents.

They couldn’t be easier to use either. Two spikes are included, both of which simply need to be placed into the ground and turned on to work. As the entire spike should be burrowed into the ground, it’s simple to stick into tunnels created by troublesome moles.

It works by constantly emitting a sonic frequency that repels moles. They can’t stand being near the frequency, so when strategically placed in your garden they work as a very effective deterrent. You don’t need to spend money on batteries either, as it is completely solar power, making it an eco-friendly option.

Mole Repellent  Ultrasonic mole repellent Solar powered Simple to use

Of course, one of the biggest selling-points is the fact it doesn’t kill the moles. Some people do not want to kill the animal itself, while others don’t like the idea of handing a dead animal, making it a fine alternative for those that still want rid of moles.

In fact, it might be a great idea to try using this mole repellent before any other traps. While the results may always work, in many cases it’s an effective deterrent that doesn’t require much effort to use, making it a fine choice for many.

Should the problem persist despite these repellents, then it may be worth considering mole traps as more permanent solution.

If you have problems with other animals in your garden please read our guides on keeping cats out of the garden as well as our article on deterring foxes.

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