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A garden wildlife camera is a great investment for any outdoor enthusiast, letting you capture magical moments of nature from the comfort of your home. Even the smallest gardens are teeming with life, so by using a camera to record footage you can see some incredible sights.

From nocturnal visitors to all kinds of cool insects, these cameras are equipped with the perfect technology for monitoring outdoor wildlife day and night, which is something our smartphones just aren’t equipped for.

But these devices don’t just let you view nature in the garden. They can be a useful home security device, as the camera offers around the clock surveillance, while you can also use the footage to uncover any mysteries in your garden, such as what animal keeps digging up your flower beds or leaving a mess on your lawn.

Victure Mini Wildlife Camera 16MP 1080P 

The Victure Mini Wildlife Camera is a compact camera with great specs that will capture high quality video footage and photographs. The 1080p, 16MP camera captures high resolution photos and videos with incredible quality, while there is also a built-in microphone so you can get audio recording in your videos.

At 0.4 seconds, the trigger speed is very fast and will easily capture even the most elusive of animals, while the inclusion of low-glow infrared lights means the camera can take high quality photos at night without using a flash.

There is also a bright flash option and long-distance flash in dark flash, both of which are much brighter than the low glow setting. It’s good to have a nice variety of flash options as you can capture all kinds of animals.

As with any outdoor camera it’s important to have some degree of water proofing, and the camera certainly delvers on this front, coming with an IP66 waterproof rating. This also helps to prevent mist building up on the lens, so footage isn’t impaired on those humid days.

A small LCD screen lets you quickly browse through the photos and expect to store plenty of footage with a suitable micro SD card, with up to 32GB cards compatible. These are sold separately however, as are the AA batteries that power the device.

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APEMAN Wildlife 20MP Garden Wildlife Camera

The APEMAN H55 Wildlife Camera is capable of 1080p HD video recording and taking amazing quality photos with the 20MP camera. It also comes with audio recording, so expect some amazing footage during the day and at night, although the camera does perform best during day time hours.

Night time footage is possible though, with the 940nm infrared LED lights and IR filter allowing the camera to record video and photos without using a flash or making any noise that could scare the wildlife away.

It also comes with a fast trigger, capturing at 0.5 seconds, which isn’t the fastest around but still more than enough for most average wildlife in your garden. Unless you’re dealing with a super-fast animal, then the trigger speed will be fine for most users.

The camera has maximum range of around 65ft, so it should reach a wide area in the garden, and there are various modes you can use, including real-time replay, time- lapse, and interval recording to name a few.

These are controlled from the 2.4 inch LCD screen, where you can also view and stamp photos with time, date, temperature etc.  

An IP66 waterproof rating is as good as you get for an outdoor camera so there should be no issues with rain or moisture. Batteries or an external power source are required, while you need to buy a compatible micro SD card (maximum 32GB) to store the footage.

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TOGUARD Trail Wildlife Camera 14MP

Equipped with a 14MP camera and capable of recording at 1080p, this trail camera from TOGUARD is a great option for first time buyers. Full HD recordings include sound, with colour images captured during the day and black and white at night, with each image being highly detailed.

It also comes with an impressively quick trigger speed of 0.3s, while 3 passive infrared sensors ensure nothing gets missed. Any animal walking by will be snapped in an instant, with the 120 ° wide camera lens offering a fantastic footage scope.

42pcs low glow infrared LEDs are fitted to the camera and allow footage to be captured at night without a flash. It can record at distance of up to 22m, so when combined with the wide-angle lens you can expect to record a massive area of your garden, even when it’s night time.

There are several recording options, with video lengths ranging from 3-60 seconds for short and snappy footage, while the 1-10-minute lengths are suitable for longer footage. All of this is recorded to a micro SD, which is sold separately. 

It’s also a durable piece of recording equipment, with an IP56 waterproof rating and protection against dust damage.

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Crenova HD Wildlife Night Vision Garden Camera

This wildlife garden camera from Crenova is of the best for capturing footage at night, boasting an impressive 1080HD, 12MP camera that records sound better than most other products on the market.

Night time footage is so good thanks to 36pcs 940nm infrared LED lights, which capture black and white footage with incredible clarity without ever disturbing the animals. It also comes with an automatic IR filter, further improving the quality of footage captured in the dark.

The camera itself comes with a 120° wide-angle lens, resulting in an excellent recording scope that will cover large areas in your garden and add great depth to all footage.  Don’t expect to miss any footage thanks to the multiple infrared sensors around the camera, which combine well with the wide-angle lens, ensuring nothing gets away without being snapped first.

Of course, this requires a fast trigger speed and the 0.2 second speed is one of the fastest around, ensuring amazing footage is still captured when the animal is in motion - this helps to produce some truly epic shots of an animal as they move.  

Buying Guide

Looking to capture amazing wildlife footage but aren’t sure what type of camera you need? A wildlife camera, also called a trail camera, is a great device for monitoring the outdoors, with the ability to take photos and videos of all kinds of animals like owls, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, insects, and even the neighbour’s cat when it comes for a visit.

However, not all cameras are made equal, with some being much higher quality than others, so there are various considerations to make. Be sure to think about some of the following things before you buy your wildlife camera for the garden:

Light Modes 

Cameras with a flash will always produce higher quality images but this does come with a caveat - the flash may scare off the animal you want to get a photo or video of. So, it’s good to choose a camera with a few flash options, as this ensures you can capture the most diverse range of wildlife.

For instance, a white flash is suitable for taking photos during the day and at night, although there is a chance this bright flash will scare of the animal. A red flash is great because it still produces a flash but one animals can’t see, ensuring a good quality image without scaring the animal.

No flash cameras are ideal for capturing those skittish animals that will get scared from minor disturbances, although the footage quality is often grainy unless it has a high IP rating.

The more options you have the better, as you can adjust the flash to suit different scenarios depending on what type of footage you want to capture.


When recording video you’ll want a camera with a decent resolution, otherwise the footage won’t look that great when watching it back. Thankfully, most devices now come with a 1080p resolution, providing with premium quality HD footage, although you should always check to make sure it records in Full HD, as some cheaper models only record in the lower 720p resolution.


The megapixels (MP) of the camera is not as important as many assume. Yes, it’s good to have at least 10-20MP for outdoor footage, although it is only going to provide amazing footage if the camera has a decent lens.

So, try not to focus on this too much, just be mindful of manufacturers claiming that the megapixels are going to significantly increase image quality, as even a high MP rating can be misleading if the lens quality is low.


It’s recommended that you select a camera that comes with audio recording, as the footage tends to be much more interesting if the images are accompanied by sound! The ambient noises of nature are something to behold on their own right, so combining it with video footage is well worth it. Not all cameras have audio recording, so look for a built-in microphone is you want sound alongside your videos.

Trigger Speed

Because some animals move very quality the camera should have a decent trigger speed to be able to capture them before they run away. Fast trigger speeds are a great feature to look for, with anything lower than a second usually being fast enough for most wildlife.

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