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Garden sheds are often overlooked when it comes to break-ins. Despite holding lots of valuable equipment, most people don’t take the time to effectively secure their shed, with a padlock typically being the first and last line of defence against break-ins.

However, shed break-ins are becoming an increasingly common problem, mainly because thieves see them as an easy target due to the lack of security. Given that your average shed is storing expensive gardening equipment like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and shredders, it makes sense to invest in a good security system – and we aren’t talking about a basic lock and key!

Choosing the best shed alarms is one of the main ways to protect your structure from break-ins and theft. Affordable and easy to install, the alarm produces a loud siren that will alert you to any security threats, deterring any would-be thieves that are trying to break in.

With this in place, you can rest easy that all your valuables are safe and secure inside of the shed, and anyone that is brave enough to try and steal from you will be in for quite the shock! Of course, like any product, not all alarms are made equal, so be sure to buy a reliable product so that your shed is no longer an easy target.

Yale SAA5015 Wireless Alarm

Yale is one foremost lock manufacturers in the country but they also make various alarm systems for sheds, with the SAA5015 wireless alarm offering premium quality security for a very affordable price.

As a wireless alarm the device uses motion sensing technology to prevent unwanted intrusions. Any time the motion sensor is activated it triggers the alarm and you have 10 seconds to enter a pin or the alarm sounds.

The siren is surprisingly loud for such as compact device, producing a whopping 100dB. This is very audible from long distances, so it is certain to alert you to any security threats if triggered. The motion senor has a 12m detection range, so it’s suitable for large sheds too, while you can even use in other outdoor structures like a garage.

Simply set a four-digit code after installing the alarm and you are good to go. Any time you walk into the shed it will get triggered, so it’s a good idea to have the alarm close to the door so that you have enough time to enter the pin. Even then, if the alarm goes off you can just re-enter the pin and it will stop.

You can install it anywhere in the shed as the unit can be used freestanding or wall mounted, with the latter usually being the best option. You’ll also need 4 AA batteries to power the alarm, while there is a low battery sensor so that you always know when the batteries need replaced. Many buyers suggest this is one of the best shed alarms on the market.

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tiiwee X4 PIR Motion Sensor Alarm System

The X4 is a great sensor alarm system suitable for various locations including your garden shed. Equipped with a loud siren and various setting options, you can create a comprehensive security system that will deter any break-ins.

One of the unique aspects of this alarm is that you can expand it by adding extra motion sensors. These are made by the same company and don’t cost too much, allowing to increase the reach of the alarm, although you probably only need the one sensor unless you have an especially large shed!

Another cool feature is the ability to create different zones with these sensors. You can create a normal zone, safe zone, and emergency zone, so you could connect various sensors together for a comprehensive security system indoors and outdoors.

Even just using the single alarm unit is a great way to protect the shed. It produces a very loud 120dB alarm sound when triggered, while you can adjust the volume level if you don’t want it to be too loud. You can even switch to a doorbell sound, which is a good idea when using the shed during the day, as the alarm won’t let off a loud siren as you come and go from the shed.

All of this is controlled with the remote controller, which adds convenience as you can quickly turn the alarm off before entering the shed. Should you trigger the alarm, just grab the remote to turn it off.

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KERUI Standalone Home Shed Alarm

This shed alarm from KERUI comes fully programmed so is ready to use straight from the box. There are a few pieces to this alarm system, so you need to install couple of sensors throughout the shed. While it seems a nuisance it helps to increase the security, as more sensors means a more secure shed!

There is a single wireless PIR motion detector, which serves as the main detection unit, while there are two door/window sensors that you can attach around the shed for increased security. The door and window sensors have a 250ft range and trigger when the shed window or door is opened, while the standard motion detector goes off whenever someone walks by.

So, should they manage to get through the door and window without triggering the motion sensor, at larger sensor is certain to get the job done. These sensors synch up to the alarm speaker, which lets off a 115dB siren when any of the sensors are triggered.

If you want even more security, you can buy additional sensors, as the alarm horn supports up to 30 additional motion sensors. This is probably a bit overkill for a shed but you can add a couple more sensors for added security, which can be a good idea when dealing with a large shed or multiple outdoor buildings.

You control the device with the remote control (two are included with the alarm), which also has an emergency SOS button that lets you activate the alarm remotely. This can be great if you find someone lurking by the shed and want to scare them off before they break in!

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Minder MA30 Home Garage Shed Burglar Wireless Security Alarm

The Mini PIR is a compact shed alarm that couldn’t be easier to install. You can place it freestanding on a shelf or mount it to a wall, after which you just press a single button to activate and deactivate the alarm as needed.

Of course, walking into the shed will activate the alarm, so there is a handy remote contorl that you can use to deactivate the system as you enter and exit the shed, turning it back on once you are finished.

It’s suitable for all shed sizes too. The motion sensor has a range of up to 6m at 90 to 100-degree angles, so it should have enough range to cover the entire inside of a large shed. Just place it near the door and you won’t need to worry about break-ins again.

In fact, you may find that alarm can be installed at the corner of any shed using the wall mounting bracket. This is a good choice because the bracket as a swivel motion, allowing you to position the alarm so that the sensor covers the entire inside of the shed.

Should the worse happen and someone tries to break in, you’ll know all about it as the alarm lets off an incredibly loud siren that produces a whopping 130dB. The alarm actives for 30 seconds, so rest assured someone is going to hear it if its trigged.

If the alarm goes off it automatically resets after the 30 seconds, so you don’t need to reset anything on your own. It does require batteries to operate, so don’t forget to change these!

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Wireless 130 Decibel Siren Shed Alarm

This battery powered alarm is another great choice for sheds, providing a loud siren and the ability to connect additional sensors to increase its range. Unless you have a very large shed or are installing in a garage, the standard alarm unit should have enough range to cover your shed.

It comes with a remote control that is used to activate and deactivate the alarm, with a 50m range meaning you can turn it off from the house before you head out into the shed. It can be installed anywhere in the shed using the wall mounted bracket, which also swivels so you can find the right position for the motion sensor to cover the entire shed.

The alarm itself has a motion sensor range of up to 8m and covers a 120-degree horizontal angle and 90-degree vertical angle, so it’s going to provide enough coverage for a huge shed. Even if this isn’t enough, you can buy an extra motion sensor for very little money and connect it to the alarm for increased range.

When the alarm is triggered you will hear a 130dB siren, so it’s not going to go unnoticed should the worst occur. The alarm sounds for one minute and then turns off, automatically resting itself after the siren stops.

There is a 30 second delay when activating the alarm, so you should have enough time to leave the shed. If not, just turn it off with the remote control and reactivate when you leave. It comes with a 5 second entry delay, so the alarm goes off quickly after trigging the sensor, which is why its recommended that you deactivate it with the remote before entering.

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3G UltraPIR GSM Alarm

The UltraPIR GSM is one of the more advanced shed alarms on the market. While this does mean a higher price point it also means a range of very useful functions that aren’t commonly found on cheaper alarms and these can significantly increase shed security.

For example, the alarm comes with equipped with 3G technology, allowing it to send out a notification to up to three mobile devices should there be a security threat. Most shed alarms simply trigger a loud siren and reset – this alarm actively notifies you of any issues.

So, if the alarm gets triggered and you are not home to hear a siren, it will prompt an automated phone call to alert you to the problem, while you also receive a text message in case you miss the call.

Of course, it still helps to have an alarm that makes a loud noise during a break-in, so it is equipped with a 130dB siren that can be easily heard from inside you or your neighbour’s house. It takes 30 seconds for this to be activated, in which time you’ve already received a call and text, effectively doubling the security measure.

When the alarm goes off and there is no break-in, you can quickly turn it off using the remote contorl. It has a 100m range so you can easily deactivate the siren from inside if it accidently goes off.

The motion sensors have a detection range of 10m, which should be more than enough for most sheds in the UK, while you can mount it to the wall to ensure the sensors are positioned in the optimal location.

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General Home and Garden Security Tips

Shed security doesn’t end with a good alarm system – there are a lot simple tricks you can use to greatly increase your shed and home security!

Upgrade You Shed Lock

When you combine a robust shed lock with an alarm, chances are nobody is getting anywhere near the inside of the building. Most garden sheds come with a basic lock, so consider upgrading this to something like a strong hasp and large padlock, which don’t cost much and can be installed in under an hour.

The same can be done your house locks too! Adding new locks is a simple but effective way of increasing home security

Make it Hard to See Inside

Shed windows bring some welcome light into the building but it can also advertise all your stuff inside. Some thieves see the contents of a shed and find it too good to resist, which is why you should always obscure the windows to make it hard to see inside. Try adding an old set of roller blinds inside the shed!

Keep Your Garden Clear

This may sound obvious but try not to leave any tools or equipment lying around in the garden unattended. Not only does this increase the risk of them being stolen, they could also be used to break into your shed or house.

For instance, if you leave ladders lying around it could be used to gain access to your house via a window, while any tools left out could be used to break the shed lock or jar open your windows.

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