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Not everyone realises how bad moss can be for their lawn. This is probably because it’s sometimes hard to tell how much moss has infested the grass in the first place, especially when it first breaks out.

But ignoring or not fully realising the extent of the moss problem only makes things worse. Moss spreads like wildfire, so if you forget to treat it early then it may spread throughout the lawn. Even if you start to rake out the moss this may only encourage it spread further!

Too much moss in your garden is never a good thing. It completes with the grass roots for valuable nutrients while encouraging other issues such as thatching and soil compaction.

All these factors cause grass to lose growth and vibrancy, so its important to get a good moss killer to solve the various problems moss causes! With the best moss killer, you never need to worry about your outside area looking drab and patchy due to overgrown moss, while its very easy to work with. Check out the buying guide below for tips on how to choose the best lawn moss killer and some reviews of our favourite products!

Evergreen No Moss No Rake Moss Remover

This moss killer from Evergreen is very low maintenance, making it a great option for people that have never used a moss killer or similar lawncare products. Application is quick and easy, while the moss killer and lawn feeder combine for a healthier, moss-free environment in no time.

You don’t need a rake or any sort of spreader device for this product. Just apply it directly to the grass and leave it be! The solution uses naturally occurring bacteria that will actively eat the dead moss, meaning you probably won’t need to rake any dead moss up either.

There may be a few bits left if the moss growth is particularly bad, although its still far less raking than if you used another product! 

Once the killer has removed all the most, a fertilizer with extra magnesium kicks into to help nourish the lawn and prevent moss regrowth. This lasts for up to three months per application, so you don’t need to use it as often as many other moss killer products.  

Also, you can apply it liberally around the grass and not worry about staining furniture, decking, or a patio, as the granules don’t leave behind any sort of residue.

Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer 

This versatile moss killer uses iron sulphate as its active ingredient, allowing it to function as both a moss killer and lawn fertilizer. It includes 1kg of granular moss killer/fertilizer and you can combine the granules with water to make a soluble solution or place the granules directly onto the lawn itself. 

Having the option to both kill moss and fertilize the lawn is very convenient, with the 1kg of granules offering 800-1,000sqm of coverage as a fertilizer and 200-500 sqm for moss killing. This is plenty of product to see you throughout the year and beyond.

For best results, apply several times throughout autumn and winter, as this is when the moss is actively growing. It can be used to prevent moss growing and to kill it dead, so it’s certainly a handy product for maintaining the garden.

Bear in mind that using it as a lawn remover requires double the application compared to using it as a fertilizer.

You can either mix it with water and apply using a watering can or spray bottle or apply it directly onto the grass using a spreader device, so it’s very easy to use and should show results in a couple of weeks.

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

This moss killer from Maxicrop also doubles as a lawn feeder, making it a good all-in-one solution for removing moss while fertilizing.

A big issue when dealing with large amounts of moss growth is that after you kill and remove it there are big patches where the grass couldn’t grow. As this actively encourages lawn regrowth, it’s the perfect option for anyone dealing with lots of dense patches of moss.

Moreover, it’s an all-natural solution. This means no harmful chemicals, just 100% natural ingredients such as seaweed extra, ferrous sulphate, and a small amount of nitrogen. It’s also a soluble solution so is easy to apply using a watering can.

Results should appear in a matter of hours, with moss dying off in a few days, after which you can easily rake it out. Better still, the solution will improve grass rooting, ensuring that moss regrowth is very difficult.

Sold in 2.5L solutions, you get enough moss killer and fertilizer to cover up to 166sqm, so it should last for a good length of time. 

Westland Lawn Sand Moss Killer

Westland Lawn Sand is a popular multi-purpose moss killer that removes moss while feeding the lawn, resulting in a greener, thicker grass. It is a granular moss killer that is applied directly, allowing it to reach deeper where some soluble solutions struggle to penetrate.

There are two main active ingredients in this product - nitrogen fertilizer and ferrous sulphate.

The ferrous does the hard work, killing off the moss in a few days, turning it black so that it can be easily removed without it spreading. The nitrogen gives the garden all the nutrients it needs to recover from lots of moss growth, namely encouraging regrowth and helping add vibrancy.

Simply apply the granules, wearing a pair of gloves and throwing a handful per square meter for easy application. You can use a lawn spreader if your lawn is on the larger side, although you can just spread it and then rake it in if it’s more convenient.

Results appear very quickly and it is surprisingly effective for a multi-purpose solution. Many of these struggle to kill lots of moss, especially when lying deeper in the grass, so you get the bonus of an amazing moss killer with a great fertilizer!

Why Buy a Lawn Moss Killer?

There’s a good chance of moss developing on your lawn as it doesn’t need much to grow, so if you’ve got some it’s a good idea to treat it early.

Doing so prevents it from spreading  where it can cause more serious issues such as compacting the soil and lawn thatching, both of which are terrible for lawn health.

Many people think you can simply rake out moss, which is true to a certain extent, although it’s only going to be a short-term solution. The reason is that it spreads very easily, even leaving a small amount when raking can be enough to let it re-establish - so by raking it out you could may be encouraging its spread! 

Instead, you should use one of the above products or something similar and then rake it out when it is ready. This ensures the moss is dead before you rake it out, meaning any small amounts you drop or leave behind won’t have a chance to regrow and spread again.

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How to Choose?

Looking for the right type to buy but are unsure of what one is the right fit for you? There are several  on the market, any of which may be ideal, so selecting the right one often requires some research.

 Here are a few things to consider when looking:

Lawn Size 

The larger the lawn the more of the product is needed, especially if the problem has spread throughout your garden. Try to get a rough measurement of your lawn and see whether the product you’re going to buy has enough to cover this area in square footage.

Most products have enough for several applications on an average sized lawn, although the amount you need will depend on how much has spread. It may help to have enough to use several times over the next 6-12 months, as removing it all often takes multiple applications at different stages of the process.

It is a slow and steady process most of the time, so a little patience and lots perseverance is recommended to get the job done properly!

Moss Volume and Density 

How bad is the moss problem on your lawn? If there is a lot then a dedicated solution is recommended, as these tend to have the highest concentration so are most effective. This means you will need to apply it less frequently, so its definitely a good idea for anyone dealing with a major invasion.

Should there be just a few patches or the moss is only starting to develop, you may want to consider a multi-purpose lawn moss killer. These products combine moss killers with fertilizers and weed killer for an all-in-one lawn care solution, making it very convenient for maintaining your lawn as you get two products in one.

Of course, you can use a dedicated killer alongside dedicated fertilizer and weed killers, which requires more time and effort but tends to have the best long-term results for the health of your grass.

Liquid or Granular?

They generally come in granular or liquid solutions. Dedicated solutions tend to be liquid solutions, so they get to work much quicker but often struggle to kill moss lying deeper in the grass. 

Multi-purpose products usually feature granular moss killers. These are slower acting but do allow you to combine the product with fertiliser and other weed removal tools, while also being more efficient at dealing with low-lying moss.

Lawn Moss Killer

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